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Name: Vivienne
Nicknames: V-chan, Viv, Veggie-bun, V-splat, Pita-chan, Pitachu *sigh* Don't ask...O__o;;
Age: 17
B-day: May 6th
Bloodtype: OA (Why bloodtype? See here.)
Fav. Colour: Baby blue and pink
Fav. Food: Anything with a high sugar content. ^^ *LOL*
Hobbies: Errr...O__O;; Too many to list. See here instead.
Fav. Face: ^^;;
Ethnic Background: Chinese
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Fav. Subject: Biology, English
Least Fav. Subject: Math
Height: 5"3 X_x I know I'm short....don't rub it in.
Fav. Music Group: Aqua, Two-Mix (funky Jpop Group! They're the best! ^^)