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What am I like? O__o;; Where am I? Who am I? (joking) I was curious, so I looked up my name and the meaning behind my blood type...and here are the results. I did a little personal view of myself as well, as honest as I could be with my horrible traits. :)

Name: Vivienne

I looked up the name "Vivienne" in one of those baby books...and found variations of my name, Vivian, Vivianne, Vivien, Vivienne, Viv, and Vivi. All those names mean simply one thing: lively. And lively I am. (grin)

Blood Type

Blood type is generally used in Asian countries (especially Japan) to determine one's personality. My blood type is OA. Here's what it means:

Blood type: O
Workaholic, insecure, emotional

Blood type:A
Nervous, introverted, honest, loyal

I have a combination of the above blood types, I believe. O__O;; Doesn't look too good for me..I'm introverted? (sheer look of horror)

Personal View

Well...(ahem) I'm a very hyper girl. Yeah, this is the one side that I portray the most. (nod) This side of me usually pops up after sugar consumption, which is often. ^^;; When I'm in this "mode" I am often very happy, excited, somewhat silly, okay, okay, REALLY silly, and very talkative.

The serious side of me dwells only within the cold, cold prison known as school. O_o;; That side pops up on Mondays-Fridays, precisely 8:30-3:10. Luckily, the "hyper mode" usually saves me by the time it is break.

I'm very open. I don't like hiding things, and it kills me NOT to say something I feel. Not to say that I am not trustworthy, because when it comes to that it's totally different. I mean when I feel that something is bad and I don't express it...I get all edgy. ^^;;

I'm also very stubborn. This is one of the worst traits in me.
I love competition, especially in you're ever my rival for academic's one scary ride. ^__^;;;

Hmmm...what else? I'm pretty loyal, trustworthy, honest, tidy, and easygoing. On the other hand, I'm proud, insecure (that blood test was right! Ahhhh!), emotional, AND a perfectionist. (groan) I could list a whole lot more nasty things about myself..but I'd probably run out of the 50 megs Tripod gives out. -__-;;; so I'm gonna shut up now.