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To Friends

Thanks for all those times when you were there to listen to me blab about my many problems. And for those times when I was depressed and you were there to cheer me up. (Or better yet, you had candy on you. ) (big wide grin) What more can I say? Life wouldn't be quite the same for me if you weren't there.


To my long lost twin. :) You're the BEST! Even though I've known you for less than a year, I feel so close to you. ^_^ Must be the anime habit. :) But seriously, thanks for being such a great friend! Bu bu bu! (LOL)


Great companion for my anime addiction. (sigh) Without you, I'll would never have had those ... interesting ^^ ... stories that we make up. Even though we totally disagree on bishounen...we have a lot in common. ^__^ Hope you get your page up soon!

Jon D

^^ What can I say? Thanks for your constant prayer support and being there for me when I'm down. Also for keeping me on track with God, and with the Godly Quest webpage. JLY, BIC!


Mwahahhaha..(grin) Well, those chats of ours were pretty interesting, ne? But no, you'll never find out the answer to that one question. (LOL) Well, perhaps when I'm married I will. But anything else, I'll answer, to a limit. ^^ Yeah, thanks for being a great pal to talk to. (pats Chugga on the head)


^_^ Hmm...still on that driving kick? Well, thanks for the first ride I've ever had from a friend. Just don't produce too much roadkill on the way, okay? If you do...just send them to Karen...her pet needs company. (grin)


"I don't want to look like..." (grin) Joking. But I must admit that I really appreciate your sense of matter how warped it is. O_o;; It brightens up my day. (grin)


Well, I can't forget you, now, can I? (grin) Well, you're a great friend to have around (no matter how strange you get sometimes...). Hehe...I've been waiting to do this for a long time..."Bum you all, too!" (LOL)

Hannah, Grace, Lizzie

Hey, hey, girlfriends! You're a great bunch! (hug) Thanks for being such great gals. Keep growing in Christ!

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