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In Depth

Just a more in-depth look at my life and the people and things that affect me. ^^


As you know from the profile, I am Chinese. I was born in Hong Kong and I immigrated to Canada when I was seven. As a result, I speak both Cantonese and English quite fluently. Can't say that for the reading and writing though. :P I suck at reading and writing in Cantonese...>___<;;;


Well, like the typical family, there are the parents, and two kids. :P I'm the older of the two kids. I have a brother, who is nine years younger than I am (I know...big difference). It's quite nice to have a younger sibling, actually...I've learned a lot from taking care of my bro, and it's quite an experience watching him grow up. ^^ It's also a good experience learning how to defend myself from him :P He can really kick when he's mad. He even tried to kill me with a baseball bat when he was two! X_____x Vicious siblings...

Anyway...and then there's my parents. I get along with them like most hate them, you love them, yeah. I get along with my mom a lot better though. She's very similar to me...and I guess we're both so stubborn that we fight sometimes. But really, my mom is my best friend...she totally understands me. Well, except when it comes to stuff like curfews. >__< I don't think any parent ever understands that stuff.


Why church? Well, it's because I'm a Christian. ^^ It's a big part of who I am. Oh, if you're not sure what a Christian is, or who Jesus is...please feel free to talk to me (if I see you at school or something) or email me about it. I'd love to share it with you! I confessed my sins, repented and accepted Jesus' gift of salvation when I was in Gr. 3, and I was baptized in December '98. (The water was very hot...I remember that. So don't ever get baptized in winter. :P)

Being a Christian has changed me from being a shy girl to someone who is not afraid to announce her faith. Oh, of course, that doesn't mean that I'm not scared at times. I do get scared. But I think I've mature spiritually over the last few years. ^_^ Also, God has shown me a lot in times of need, and I know I can trust in Him.

I have to admit that even though I'm a Christian, I still sin a lot (X__x I get tempted so easily.) but I try and follow God's commandments. It's a rough life, but with God, I have a foundation. ^^ God loves me, and He loves you, too!


Let's see...I've been stuck in school for most of my could anyone NOT be influenced by it? (shudders) Let's see...I'm in Gr. 12 this year, and so far, it's okay. Oh, but never, ever, take summer school. It's not worth the aggravation. X_x

School has taught me to be determined and focused at all times. Otherwise, teachers will eat you alive. And that's a fact. :P


My friends are a big part of my life. Their tastes, judgments, and beliefs do affect a big part of me. I've even dedicated a nice section to them. ^_^

To be honest, I get through many of my discouraging times with the help of my friends. Their constant love and support has been tremendous, especially this year. Thanks, guys! (hug)