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From Friends

What do my friends think about me? Am I really as insane as I make myself out to be? Or even more? ^_^ Well, here's what they say. If you know me, feel free to email me what you think, and I'll put it up. Just don't be too harsh with me. =^_^= Please.

From Tina

Words from Tanpopo-chan/Tiniz-chan/Sleep-chan/Pinkuruchan/Tuna Fish etc: ^~^ <--my fav. face to use. Do notice, the squiggly like is the mouth~ this is a face yes~ not a WAVY DESIGN~ thank u...=) Okay...Pitachu *muhaha...* hard to resist, I think that u bring out my more goofy side~ and I really enjoy having good laughs with u. You are funny, cute, sweet, sensative, caring, and serious at times. I think u are not just serious at school, but u are serious about ur friend's problems. I also really admire ur art talent...*Go V-chan Go!* Though we don't get into many deep talks all the time, but I do feel I can trust u, even if sometime u can't help it "not" to say something. And it may surprise...Tina is not as quiet as she seems to me...^.^ oh~ only u and some others know this secret. teehee.....+_+ what am I saying~ Must be hunger getting to me. Hehe~ good bye now my Twin sis~ U are the best! And I'm so glad I met u. Thankz to Carrie! Or else we might have never met! =) Ja~ *kisses*

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