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Entry #1--October 7th, 2000

Well, so far, it's been a peculiar week. Lots of strange things happening...O__o;; My chem teacher's suddenly seems more human which is good, I suppose...I'm not that scared of him anymore.

^^ I was rather sick a few weeks ago, and my friend (Tina, just in case you wanna know, she's such a darling) bought me this cute little medicine bottle that has little pills in it, and when you open up these little pills, there are mini notepapers that one can write on. It's really neat. Tina, if you're reading this, *grin* thanks so much! I bring it along to school now and it makes me smile when I take it out.

It's a long weekend! (yay) I get to stay up late and not have to worry about waking up late in the morning...hehehe...(thinks all-nighter of movies :D) Well, I'm kinda worrying over what I'll get on my math test...paranoid V-chan.

It seems that the more I grow up, the more tangled up and confusing things get in my life. Gee, I'm only 17. I really can't imagine life when I'm around forty-ish. (Sorry Mom, no offense. X__x) University, job, get married, kids, kids grow up, I shrivel and die after that. O___O;; Eeps. Kinda reminds me of the slugs in Biology 11...

Hmm...I guess that's it for this week. Me kinda want to change layout of this page for winter...something with a dark background. We'll see. Salut!

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