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Dreams...what are they? Our minds working overtime? A prediction of our future? (shudder) are some of the more significant dreams that I've had. (I can't afford to write down every single one...I dream 5 out of 7 nights. O_o;;) Perhaps you could help me decipher them?
Dream #1

This one I've had when I was about six or seven. It was a really weird one, which is why it is still fresh in my memory. It's quite scary too.

It starts off with me walking in a deserted street. Closed stores line both sides of this street. It was raining heavily. The whole dream was in a muddy-brown-coloured vision, which was strange because I usually dream in full-colour. And it was eerily silent throughout the dream.

I walk along in this dream, and I come to a four-way crossing. In the midst of it is a huge spread of human skulls, gleaming white. The "camera" then changes its shot to me holding an umbrella, gazing down at these skulls. The dream ends abruptly there.

The next night I dreamt the same dream again. Except this time, there were even more skulls than before.

Dream #2

This is one of those dreams when you're being chased by the unknown THING. Well, it starts off with me walking down one of the corridors in my church, and it's dark and gloomy, but I continue walking down this corridor, and suddenly I have this feeling that something is behind me. I start running, and I feel that this thing is following me as I run.

It's rather strange, the more I run, the more it seems that I'm being "glued" to the ground: it simply get harder and harder to run, and the THING is catching up. After what seems like hours of running, I finally run out of energy and I stop. I turn around, and confront this THING. It turns out to be some creature not unlike witch in the Wizard of Oz. (Don't laugh. It was scary in my dream.) I distinctly remember confronting her in some way, and like the witch in the movie, she, er, melted. O__O;;;

It's rather strange. Perhaps it's saying that if I build up enough courage to face a problem or something I'm scared of, I can overcome it?