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I collect a lot of stuff. ^^;; Here are some of my bigger collections that suck me dry every month. *grin*

Tanboukens (Comic Volumes)

Once I get hooked on a particular series, I have this urge to collect the whole set. ^^ A tanbouken is basically a compilation of the chapters which run monthly in a comic magazine. Right now, the series I'm collecting currently is Card Captor Sakura. I have Vol. 1-11 so far!

Japanese Magazines

I have a fetish for japanese magazines. It's really interesting to compare the North American magazines to the Japanese ones. The ads, layouts--everything. To me, the Japanese magazines seem to be more fresh and attractive. I currently collect Newtype, a magazine that focuses on Japanimation and generally Japanese media. I also receive Nakayosi monthly. ^__^


One of my favorite hobbies is writing notes or letters to my friends, so of course it's only natural that I would scope out all the awesome stationery. ^.~ Even though this little obsession may seem harmless, it's not. O__o;; The expenses to feed this addiction is simply horrendous. It doesn't help that I prefer anime/manga related stationery, they're so expensive. -_-;;;


How could on *not* like images of beautiful vacation spots? I can't. 'Nuff said. :) Of course, there's always that jealousy factor when you're stuck behind in your house...


Not rubber kinds, mind you, but the ones for sending letters with. I've had a fascination with stamps ever since I was a kid and it's still there. Some countries from which I collect stamps from are Hong Kong, Australia, Trindad & Tobego, China, Dominican Republic, Mongolia, and Grenada. Each stamp represents that country in some way or the other, each holds a bit of its unique culture.

The highlight in my collection would be my Disney stamp collection from all around the world...I have over 150! ^^

Anime Goods

Yep, I have a big obsession with anything anime-ish. (Anime, by the way, is Japanese animation. It's pronounced ah-ne-may.) Posters, CDs, postcards, keychains, you name it. *grin*

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